Keeping your lawn healthy and safe for your family to enjoy!

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New England Lawn and Tick

Keeping your lawn healthy and safe for your family to enjoy!


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Everything you need to keep your lawn healty & safe.

Lawn Fertilization

Offering programs to best suit the health of your lawn with both synthetic and organic options.

Crabgrass Treatment

Proactive prevention with pre-emergent control to keep your crabgrass and weeds from taking over your lawn.

Tick & Insect Control

Protecting your lawn with tick repellent applications and insect control ensuring your lawn is family safe.

Making your lawn healthy and strong

Our fertilization and weed control programs can make your lawn healthier and greener through the season. Taking soil samples, we can test them to determine how best to treat your property and then create an application schedule that caters to your lawn. Add to that an insect and pest control and your lawn will thank you for it.

Year Round Programs

New England Lawn and Tick offers a year-round comprehensive lawn care program that has been strategically developed from a deep understanding of the environment in which we operate and our background based quality on turf science and real-world hands-on experience.


Custom Lawn Treatment Plans


Tick and Insect Control


Organic Solutions


Park and Athletic Field Treatment


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If you are looking to treat your lawn or have questions about any of our programs, please get in touch. We would be happy to help you make sure your lawn is healthy and safe.