Why Invest in Tick and Insect Control

by Apr 1, 2020

Homeowners that need expert tick prevention depend on New England Lawn & Tick

Why is investing in tick control so important? The first reason should be that ticks are notorious for spreading disease. 
  • According to the CDC, the number of people affected by Lyme disease has roughly doubled since 1991.
  • The U.S. is a hot spot for tick-borne diseases. Scientists have detected at least a dozen new diseases transmitted by ticks over the last 50 years.
  • One tick bite can cause multiple diseases.

How does Tick Control Work? 

New England Lawn and Tick’s control program is an extensive treatment approach that targets ticks where they breed and reside in your yard. This includes their prime attack spots like tall grassy weeds around the perimeter of your property
  • Tick Prevention. New England Lawn and Tick’s experts will work with you on ways to defend your yard against ticks, including appropriate treatments around the edge of your property. 
  • Tick Control.  Our professional staff will treat your plantings around your lawns and patios.  This includes shrubs and tall grasses that ticks call home. This helps you see an immediate decline in existing tick problems.
  • Ongoing Tick Maintenance. Effective tick control isn’t a one-time thing; our technicians routinely inspect and treat locations on your property that are susceptible. This safeguards against the repopulation of ticks in the future.

How Reliable is Tick Yard Control?

New England Lawn and Tick has yard control down to a science. We work with our clients to make sure your treatments meet your yard’s specific needs and our companies standards. Our trained professionals thoroughly inspect your property to identify areas that are conducive for ticks breeding and inhabiting. We work with you to determine which areas to treat. As a result, New England Lawn and Tick customers regularly get to enjoy a virtually tick-free yards all season long. 

How Dangerous Are Ticks?

With rising summer temperatures and mild winters, tick populations are on the rise throughout our region. Although ticks don’t pose a direct threat to the overall health of your yard, they do threaten the potential wellbeing of your outdoor gatherings and play this season. These pests hide in lawns and cause potential health risks like skin irritation, fever, aches & pains, rashes and diseases like Lyme diseasesouthern tick-associated rash illness (STARI)Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF)ehrlichiosistularemia, and Powassan virus or paralysis. It’s important to understand that with ticks’ populations on the rise, there is an increased risk of contracting these diseases. This may seem a little concerning. That is where New England Lawn and Tick comes in. 

New England Lawn and Tick Wants to Protect You and Your Family

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